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fremantle refurbished garden

This garden was based around a screen which was created to prevent overlooking from an adjacent three storey home. The screen was recently featured in Scoop Outdoors and Gardens magazine.

Given the higher density of our modern cities we have less space available to create privacy within our homes. Garden feature screens are becoming more popular because they afford us the possibility of creating intimate garden spaces using materials and textures which inspire us. The major material components of this garden screen are the natural suspended river stone pebbles, jarrah sleepers and the weathered metal discs with the hanging stainless steel circles designed to offer windows into a hidden rear garden space once the vine has fully established. The vine selected is Hardenbergia Comptoniana or native wisteria which provides all year round screening and a lovely show of purple flowers. The underplanting below the screen contains a mixture of native sedges (Lepidosperma Gladiatum and Lepidosperma Longitudinale), Olearia Little Smokie, Leucophyta Brownii and waterwise exotics including Trailing Lotus, Leucadendron Safari Sunset and Blue Agapanthus.

This garden also included the use of natural limestone retaining walls and a whimsical trio of corrugated circular garden tanks of varying heights, one of which was initially designed to be used as a sandpit and was featured in an editorial in houzz.com, the world’s largest home design site.


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