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Fences and screens are an integral part of garden and can be made of numerous materials. They often provide a definition between spaces within the garden usually defining the private and more public domains.

The materials we use most frequently employ in the construction of screens are natural ones such as stone or wood. The materials selected depend upon the purpose of the screen. In many instances it is preferable to have a solid wall which provides a completely private space. On other occasions it is preferable to allow light and airflow within the space meaning wooden slats or more translucent materials are preferable.

A screen can actually be a feature in a garden and is usually at its most dramatic when it is framed with creepers or incorporates hanging vessels filled with plants.

If you are considering anything permanent screening or fencing at the front of the house it is important to know that you will probably require council permission to build anything above 900mm high. Councils in Perth require that a structure may not be solid above the height of 900mm and require that some kind of spacing must occur above this height.

It is best to speak to the council and get plans approved before starting any construction. If you fail to do so a council may require you to demolish or partially demolish the wall. It has been my experience that screening at the front of the house is achievable without requiring council approval through the strategic use of screening plants.

Andrew Beck





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