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fremantle vertical garden

This garden was recently featured in an editorial article on houzz.com, the world’s largest residential design site. The article’s particular focus was on the 3 Vertical Gardens we created for our client. An article on this garden was also published in the Australia wide publication Landscaping Your Garden.

We love creating our own take on vertical gardens which we design and build ourselves. We believe they offer the opportunity for a touch of nature in even the most contained and urban of environments. Our mantra is that every home requires a garden space which acts as a kind of living meditative sanctuary to sustain us. In the first style of vertical gardens the copper vessels are attached to the wall in a shaded location and combine a tapestry of plants with different foliage shapes, colours and textures. Plant selections include; Dichondra Silver Falls, Variegated Bromeliads, Sedum Gold Mound, Chlorophytum Comosum (non-variegated form), Rhoeo Spathacea and Muehlenbeckia complexa.

The key elements in the shower screens are the copper vessels and the opaque backing materials which allow light and shadows to filter through and act as a kind of vertical green house. The Shower screen is situated in a more harsh microclimate and includes a whimsical and colourful selection of hardy succulents including Chalk Sticks, Sedum Jelly Beans and Crassula Erosula. The reason for choosing copper is its beautiful aging properties and the fact that it will last a lifetime. The vessels are suspended using threaded rod and bolts and curved circular fence posts all items that could be purchased off the shelf from a hardware store.

This garden feature screens affords the possibility of creating an intimate garden space using materials and textures which the clients found inspirational. The major components of the pebble screen are the natural suspended river stone pebbles, hardwood sleepers and the three terrazzo bowls. The vines selected were an ornamental grape vine which offers autumn colour and a native wisteria ( Hardenbergia Comptoniana) vine to provide the all year round screening. The suspended bowls are filled with a selection of cascading succulents including ‘Trailing Lotus’ and ‘String of Beans’ (senecio radicans). The plants underneath the screen are a mixture of native sedges (lepidosperma gladiatum and lepidosperma longitudinale), cardboard palm and decorative potato vine. The ground covers include a selection of native violet, wide leafed myoporum parvifolium and silver dichondra.

My favourite part of the garden is the floating pebble screen. It is beautiful to watch the pebbles slowly move in the wind and it creates a surreal sense of rocks hanging in mid air. I am very attached to this garden because it contains many surprising and hidden elements that would never be imagined when entering the garden.

The main sustainable feature in this garden is the selection of low water usage natives and the use subsurface irrigation covered by wood chips allowing no evaporation of water to occur. Another sustainable aspect to the garden is the inclusion of edible garden beds both at the front and rear of the garden which provide a generous amount of edible produce throughout the year.


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