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The Weekend West newspaper article by Katie Lee - East meets west in artistic update
East meets west in artistic update
article written by Katie Lee
The Weekend West newspaper
- New Homes Magazine

south fremantle beach house

This garden was featured in the West Australian New Homes Magazine. Our client requested that we create a garden with a contemporary Japanese aesthetic that allowed for a number of unique sitting and outdoor living spaces throughout as well a modern water feature to provide a tranquil point of contemplation.

We achieved this modern Japanese aesthetic by having the existing patio lined with cedar, a traditional Japanese material, and installing lighting and circulating fans as well as insulation batts. This significantly reduced the temperature in the back outdoor living area which was uncomfortably hot preceding the renovation and had previously discouraged the clients from cooking and eating outdoors.

The design included the extensive use of curved Cor-ten steel raised garden beds and garden edging as well as natural Western Australian pebbles to create the sense of a dry river bed.

An Aquaponics system was installed to allow the waste from the Koi filled water feature to feed the bamboo and reed garden bed and for the plants in turn to cleanse the water. There had been a previous issue with algal blooms occurring in a previous water feature and this was remedied through the use of the Aquaponics system. A bench was incorporated into the water feature in a north-facing position to gather winter warmth and enclose the grow bed for the Aquaponics system in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The raised garden beds were filled with transplanted citrus trees from the garden as well as selection of leafy philodendrons, silver dichondra and liriope which were the clients favourite plants.

The existing garden beds were filled with organic vegetable mix and replanted with a selection of seasonal vegetables and herbs.

We had the front garden excavated to provide a private space which still allowed for the ocean to be viewed from the newly created curved stone garden benches. Artist Jahne Rees was engaged to create a unique concrete earth coloured coffee table as a focal point for the garden.
Unique hand-seeded pebble concrete paths and outdoor living spaces were created with an array of stones selected by the clients.
The final touch involved the engagement of the Garden Light Company to provide energy efficient LED lighting for both the front and rear gardens. This turned both spaces into beautiful evening entertainment areas without a noticeable effect to energy costs.


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